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Citilink Finance is a registered company in Australia with years of experience in the financial sector money transfer overseas, having the reputation of secured and reliable.

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Forex Rates

Citilink Finance offer best rates and services to its valued clients but are proud to be one of the first choices for International Traders to cover their positions.

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Exchange Rates Calculator

To work out the value of one currency in relation to another, use our foreign exchange calculator. Simply choose a currency, then enter the amount you'd like to convert.

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Indicative Currency Rates

Updated 1 Days, 10 hours, 47 Minutes Ago
PKR 89.15 noimg
INR 55.75 noimg
USD 0.9124 noimg
BDT 71.91 noimg
GBP 0.5491 noimg
EUR 0.6676 noimg
FJD 1.6794 noimg
HKD 7.1463 noimg
JPY 93.64 noimg
LKR 120.88 noimg
AED 3.368 noimg
SGD 1.1571 noimg
CAD 1.0194 noimg
NZD 1.065 noimg
NPR 88.55 noimg
AUD noimg
SAR 3.4382 noimg
LBP 1273 noimg
AFN 52.15 noimg
IDR 9472 noimg
CNY 5.7551 noimg
ZAR 8.6688 noimg
MYR 2.9872 noimg
THB 29.46 noimg
KES 71.9 noimg
CHF 0.8138 noimg
DKK 4.9529 noimg
Welcome to Citilink

We build wealth safely and securely through the non-banking sector in partnership with our customers. Relationships are built on trust and reliability. Our customers overall experience in dealing with us reflect our core values of honesty, accuracy and timely provision of service.

Citilink Finances' reputation depends on what our customers think of our products and service and how well we respond to their needs. Our business will be as successful as we are in meeting and exceeding our customers' expectations.

Please call 02-92221802 ext 100 to our treasury department for more currency rates.

Send Money

A simple step by step process…

Step-1: Deposit Australian Dollars with any branch of Westpac Bank OR Suncorp through out Australia or make an Internet or wire transfer (Please note and quote electronic Receipt Number).

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Green Slip

We use Zurich (CTP) green slip insurance for competitive rates of Compulsory Third Party (CTP) green slip insurance in New South Wales.

A CTP Green slip is compulsory third party (CTP) insurance that covers you for personal injury that you cause to others as a result of a motor vehicle accident.

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident, CTP Green slip insurance protects you from claims that can be made by a person that you, or the driver of your vehicle, may have injured on the road.

CTP green slip insurance.

What can you expect from us?

  • Competitive premiums
  • Electronic transfer of CTP policy to RTA.
  • Zurich CTP automatically includes 'At-Fault Driver' cover which will pay you for injury suffered as a result of a motor accident which was caused solely and directly by you as the driver at fault.(Please refer their site for more information)

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Forex Rates

Citilink Finance Australia Ltd. offer great rates and service to its regular customers but are proud to be one of the first choices for International Traders to cover their positions.

We offer some of the best rates in the market, and cut down our own spreads in order to offer competitive rates to all our customers.

By staying up-to-date on market trends and current events, our FX desk is able to make informed decisions on exchange rate movements. Rates can and do fluctuate through the business day so to ensure you know the exact rate before you send money -call on 1300 851 802 or 02 9222 1802-03.

To receive news by email or SMS on the latest rate movement for your favourite currency.

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Foreign Exchange

International Payments For your Business

If your business makes international business payments we can provide you with competitive exchange rates. Citilink Finance exchange rates are closed to the whole sale rates that may lead your company to a substantial savings as compared to the rates offered by the banks.

We provide personalized service in order for you to deal with our expert dealer.

Currency booking through foreign currency specialists, giving you the confidence to make decisions.

We use the latest highly sophisticated technologies in order to offer you up-to-date quotes. We believe it is highly important for you to be able to control your funds whenever you wish, that is the level of service you deserve.

We can execute orders for the customers who want to buy or sell foreign currency either for trading purposes, for importers or exporters, or for investment purposes.

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Why We are Best

Cash Deposit
Deposit Australian Dollars with any branch of Westpac Bank OR Suncorp.
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Provide Beneficiary Details
Beneficiary's name and account plus your name, address and telephone number on the form provided.
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ID Verification
Please sign the form and send a copy of your Australian driving license or Passport copy along with any additional ID
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What People Say loved by millions of customers

I have to send money to Pakistan every month and I can do it sitting in the comfort of my home, I am very happy and satisfied with Citilink Finance team. I definitely recommend Citilink Finance Services. - Sam   Sydney Australia
I been sending money to Pakistan for quite a while now and I am very happy with exchange rates I get and Citilink Finance team is very helpful and friendly. - Kashif   Sydney Australia
It's been three years and my brother is sending me money from Australia, not a single time I have faced any issues. Thank You CLF Team. - Arjun   Dehli India