Send Money to Afghanistan

Sending money to Afghanistan has always been a major issue for Afghan expatriates. The country is coming back to its feet and financial sector is not as developed as in other first world countries. Previously it required a few days for someone to send money to Afghanistan. But with Citilink Finance remittance services, now you can instantly transfer money to Afghanistan without any delay or hassle. Safety and security is the utmost requirement when transferring money. We at Citilink Finance take strict measures to provide you security and safety for conducting financial transactions. Our services have now made it easier for Afghans living in Australia to take care of their friends and family back at home.

Citilink Finance is a trusted name in the remittance market for not just Afghanistan but for several other countries in South Asia. Our wide network of partners in these countries makes it easier for us to conduct our business and provides you with the confidence that your money is in safe hands. We have a fast and secure system that ensures prompt transfers to the designated account. You can now transfer money to all major areas of Afghanistan from the comfort of your home or office, the process is explained in detail on our website. We at Citilink Finance work constantly to upgrade our system to serve our client more efficiently than any other remittance company in the market.