Previously I had my account in Habib Finance (Australia) Limited and now it is named under Citilink Finance, why is this?

Habib Finance has rebranded itself to Citilink Finance. The team at Citilink Finance is dedicated to providing our customers with unmatched services. Our services are designed to ease out the whole process for our customers. Our location remains the same along with our office contacts, bank account details and ABN number. Our services range from all financial products and services.

How much time will it take for money to reach my nominated and desired overseas account?

With the widespread network ties with correspondent banks overseas, Citilink Finance makes your transactions stress-free and hassle free. When you are opting to transfer your money to any major cities in Pakistan and the nominated account is maintained in Habib Bank of MCB; the amount can be credited in 2-3 days’ time. For smaller towns, the time for delivery may be different from major cities. In the case where your beneficiary has an account in any other bank, Habib bank or MCB can transfer funds to those respective bank accounts.

All other international payments to any part of the world may take to credit the beneficiary account within 3-4 days.

Are there any advantages of transferring money through bank channels?

One of the major advantages for transferring money via bank channels is that you can invest this money in Pakistan without any hurdle or query. If the amount being transferred to Pakistan is between US$23=500 to US$100,000; then the transferee is entitled the benefits of a Silver, Silver Plus, Gold, Gold Plus and Platinum Card. Apart from these benefits, the transferee also gets the benefit of establishing Direct Bank Transfers. This will help in building Foreign Exchange Reserves that helps in maintaining economic balance of payment.

What is the procedure to transfer the money if I am unable to come to your office?

If you are unable to visit our office, you can transfer money by the following two options,

Option 1: Using Cash Deposits


Step 1.

Important: Please note down keep your electronic receipt number with you





Step 2.

Once you have received a copy of the deposit advice from your bank, fax a copy to Citilink Finance Pty Ltd. Sydney on 02-92332614. You need to send the receipt along with the details of the beneficiary's name and his account. You also need to send in your name, address and telephone number on the form provided by Citilink Finance. This information is required for record keeping and doe providing you a receipt of remittance.
The Downloadable link is available at: download




Step 3.

Sign the form and send a passport copy of your Australian driving license. Please do call us and confirm the fax receipt with our remittance department on 1300 752 337 or +61 2 9222 1802 ext- 102


Option 2: Remittance via Internet

Step 1

Please download our Remittance Request Form from this link.





Step 2.

Fill the form and keep it saved with you.





Step 3.

Email us the completed form at remittance@citilinkfinance.com.au attaching your online bank deposit advice as a PDF attachment.


Why am I asked for identification from Citilink Finance?

As per Australian Law, all financial institutions including banking and non-banking sectors are required to take a complete information forms including the ID in case of any money transfer services.

Is it possible for me to maintain a Foreign Currency Account in Pakistan?

Yes, it is possible for anyone to maintain a Foreign Currency Account in Pakistan.

I currently have a USD account in Pakistan, would it be possible to transfer it to Australia?

With Citilink Finance Australia, it is possible to convert your USD account into an Australian one. However, this facility was not available in the past.


My beneficiary maintains an account with another bank in Pakistan and my transfers get delayed because of this. How can I speed up this transfer?

In order to avoid any delays, the best mode of action to adopt is for your beneficiary to open an account with MCB or Habib Bank in Pakistan.

Can I transfer to my beneficiaries in US Dollars?

Yes, you can transfer your money in US Dollars from Citilink Finance.

I will be purchasing commercial property overseas, can Citilink Finance transfer my payments in installments or in lump sum?

Yes, Citilink Finance can send transfers for commercial property acquisitions on behalf of our clients.