Send money to India

Citilink Finance is one of the pioneers in non-banking remittance service providers in Australia. Now you can easily send money to India with Citilink Finance remittance services which are ranked the best in the market. We have a large list of clients from India who trust us with their money. We constantly upgrade our services and reinvent ourselves to come up with innovative and user-friendly solutions for our clients who want to send money to India. We offer attractive and competitive exchange rates so that your friends and family can gain on every remittance.

Citilink Finance is a registered financial company in Australia aimed to provide easy and effective financial solutions to our clients. We are authorized to deal in a regulated environment and are fully aware of our role in the financial sector which is the backbone of any country. Citilink Finance is the chosen remittance company for thousands of non-resident Indians who want to transfer money to India. Our services are designed to be in accordance to law of India as well as Australia and we are dealing directly with well-known banks in both countries. Citilink Finance provides maximum financial security to your transactions so that your transactions are secure and easy.

You can send money to India by two different processes, both of which are designed to be easy and secure. Internet based transactions ensure that the money sent is received promptly on the other end without any delay.