Send money to Pakistan

Citilink Finance is a leading money exchange and financial services provider in Australia. We offer safe and secure transactions for sending money to Pakistan in all major cities. Expatriates living abroad can now easily perform transactions and transfer money to Pakistan Online within minutes, where money will be received instantly. Citilink Finance is a trusted name in the business with secure and safe transactions guaranteed to provide you with high class services.

Citilink Finance is a registered company in Australia with years of experience in the financial sector. We have a reputation of trustworthiness and being reliable and we are the preferred choice of our Pakistani clients based in Australia. Our clients trust us and we are fully aware of our role in the business. Citilink Finance core philosophy revolves around helping our clients to send money to Pakistan to their friends and family. We offer great exchange rates and are the most reliable remittance service provider. Our three step process is simple and requires only a few minutes to complete. You can send money to Pakistan by depositing cash in our account and send us the copy of deposit slip and the form available on our website. The money will be instantly transferred to the beneficiary account in Pakistan. You can also transfer funds via internet by registering on our website which will take a few minutes of your time. Both options are there for the benefit of our clients who want to send money to Pakistan with ease.