Send money to SriLanka

Citilink Finance is the instant remittance services provider for Sri Lankans living abroad. Now you can easily send money to Sri Lanka and make instant money transfers without any hassle. We have a sophisticated, low cost and real time transfer facility that provides safe, secure and prompt remittance to all major areas in Sri Lanka. Money transfers are tricky and require a lot of care and trust with the remittance company. Citilink Finance is one of the pioneers in non-banking remittance services and have been providing perfect services for the past several years. We have a large number of Sri Lankan clients who transfer money to all areas of Sri Lanka with ease.

Our services are designed to be simple and fast which is why we are the choice of thousands of expatriates from Sri Lanka and other South Asian countries. You can easily register with our website or transfer money to Sri Lanka from all major locations of Australia. Transferred funds will be made available directly in the account of the receiver which reduces costs and saves you precious time.

We at Citilink Finance take care of all our clients and cater their requirements and strive to provide prompt and secure services to everyone at large. Citilink Finance is not just a remittance company but a complete financial institution offering different services to our clients. We guarantee safe transfers and the best exchange rate. We are committed to our customers which makes us different from all other remittance companies in the market.